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Italian Olive Oils (2018 vintage) from Liberty Wines


    This is your opportunity to try premium Italian olive oils that are very much fresh off the press, with savings of over £40 available.

    The 2018 olive harvest in Italy is a year of many different stories. If you were in Chianti Classico, the Moraiolo variety performed well, producing large crops, while the Corregiolo suffered from a frost in February, and produced very small quantities. It was a year where only the best olive oil producers (with the ability to use only the best fruit) triumphed…and triumph they did! The small amount of olive oil which was produced has a fantastic intensity and perfume. 

    Liberty Wines, the exclusive importer of these oils, only took delivery in January 2019. Rarely is there an opportunity to try olive oil so fresh!

    Italian Olive Oil

    2018 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fontodi, Tuscany, Italy (50 cl) - £99.00 £131.94  per case of six bottles. Save £32.94. 
    Fontodi is one of the wine superstars of Chianti and their olive oil is similarly renowned (and similarly intense). Situated in the prime 'Conca d'Oro' (golden shell) of Panzano, Fontodi never struggles for sunshine and has 8,000 olive trees situated in a variety of different plots at altitudes between 400-500 metres above sea level.

    Fontodi’s 2018 oil bears the hallmark punch of pepperiness and grassiness which gives this estate its deserved acclaim.

    2018 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Capezzana, Tuscany, Italy (75cl) - £130.50 £173.94 per case of six bottles. Save £43.44. 
    Capezzana is an ancient Tuscan estate with records of olives growing dating back to 804 AD. Capezzana’s olive trees, close to the northernmost boundary for olive cultivation, produce less than one tenth of the quantity produced by those in milder, more southerly climes. Capezzana’s oil is made primarily from Moraiolo. This is an early ripening variety, so the olives tend to be blacker when picked, resulting in softer, fruitier oils. The estate has 140 hectares of olive groves with 26,000 trees.

    An intense, vivid green, this oil is wondrously rich and luxurious and resplendent with flavours of freshly chopped artichoke.

    2018 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Veneto Valpolicella, Alpha Zeta, Italy (75cl) - £70.50 £95.94 per case of six bottles. Save £25.44. 
    Unlike the other two olive oils in this collection, which hail from Tuscany, this olive oil is made from old olive trees grown in the Valpantena Valley situated north east of Verona. The cool breezes that blow off the foothills of the Dolomites are funnelled down this valley and make it ideal for the cultivation of vines and olives. The proximity of Lake Garda ensures the viability of oil production at this, the most northerly latitude in Italy.

    Golden-green in colour with a light, delicate perfume of fresh grass and ripe olives. This oil is light and delicate, with a fresh, grassy taste and a smooth, ripe finish. This Veneto oil doesn't have the powerful punch of its Tuscan counterparts and is excellent for drizzling over more delicate dishes.

    Buy the mixed case for £100 and receive two bottles of each olive oil - perfect if you can't decide!

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